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Our  Models

Virgin Atlantic Challenger I

Everyone was disappointed when the news broke that Virgin Atlantic Challenger I had hit an underwater obstruction and sunk, just a few miles short of the record. [Read more...]


Virgin Atlantic Challenger II

Inspired by Mr Richard Branson crossing the Atlantic in record time, we thought it would be nice to have a model of the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II. [Read More...]


H.M.S. Norfolk.

F230 Duke

Class Frigate.

A world record holder.

[Read More...]



Motor Torpedo Boat  [Read More...]


The 2nd World Record Challenge (2013)

H.M.S Norfolk.

Day 2 - Saturday 22nd June

Pitch Black!Pitch Black! 


The Fifth Lap

Just before we got going again the controller was handed to me while Peter Dorsett was disembarking.  I had hit the switch for the forward gun to fire water and had shot poor Colin Fordham FULL IN THE FACE with cold mucky water and it went down his neck so I was not in his good books.
THIS cost me a couple of pints later!!
Richard Thurston continued with Dave Tedstone by his side through the night. They started at 0.19 am and by this time it was pitch black but you could still see the middle of the river as mostly it's easier to see without any spot lights, but we always had our navigation lights on. Plus we were in great hands with my friend Steve Wright at the helm of my cruiser. We arrived back at 2.44 am to change batteries and
re-fuel my cruiser with 9 gallons of diesel. Unfortunately this took a little longer to complete and it took 40 minutes to do.
Colin White had finished a sterling stint through the night as a scrutineer.  Well done to him.
Richard Thurston had to go home now as he had to work later that day and many thanks goes to him.

The Sixth Lap

Steve Wright went home knackered and we all were very thankful to him for about 6 hours of trouble free  at the helm of my cruiser Blithe. We started off at 3.28 am with Richard Flatt controlling the model on the outwards lap with myself making more sandwiches and coffee and tea. Richard Flatt found the going good with just enough light in the middle of the river and it was just beginning to get the grey mist of  breaking day of Saturday. It became very cold in a low clinging mist that invaded your bones and muscles. Richard missed the large lump of the old railway bridge pier to his and our relief. He turned at Boater's Hill Quay and then I took over for the cruise back and I found the going good. Ken Stevens was on duty as the scrutineer back at HQ. We arrived back at 6.18 am. This time it took 17 minutes change the batteries.

The Seventh Lap

This lap started at 6.35 am and as you can see the weather had got very squally with heavy rain and high winds. 

You may think that the transmitter was getting very wet now, but I had brought some strong plastic bags for this problem and when it started to rain heavily we poked the aerial through a tight small hole and continued with the lap.

Now nice and dry. Unfortunately for David Houseago he had this stint.

Fortunately he had the correct weather clothing as he had has own yacht.Dave Tedstone Looking TiredDave Tedstone Looking Tired

Dave Tedstone was now at the helm of my cruiser LOOKING absolutely knackered.

The model was crashing into a heavy tide sustaining some damage. But it was still pounding on.

As you can see in the pictures my model was getting a real HEAVY pounding and it was here that most of the damage to the model was done.

We lost breakwater structure and one surface to surface missile battery started to break loose. Plus a radar dome had started to wobble.


You can get an idea about how BAD the river was from these pictures.

The wave was some 15 inches above the main deck and it was not the only bash the model sustained, as it was nearly continuous.


Here you can see the Broads Authority Police launch just passing us very carefully, David Houseago looking cold and damp with the appalling weather he had been through. His cruising partner is missing from the bow, I wonder why!!!!

 David Houseago continued for the whole lap in appallingly intense cold and squally weather, with HMS Norfolk taking a good battering. The radio control on the whole worked fine with a few glitches now and again. He arrived back at 9.15 am and we all thanked him for his difficult stint. Also thanks go to Ken Stevens on scrutineering duty he must have been DOG TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Eighth and Final Lap


Off again on the final lap with Roger Black on scrutineering duty. Here you see a smilling Dave Leatherland beginning his stint at the helm on outward lap. The weather had become much better and settled. All that were involved were becoming shattered but we suspected that the last lap would produce some last minute hiccups.


Dave Tedstone our number one model driver was on duty for the lap. As we set off all our friends and supporters gave us a great cheer to speed us on our way. We had no trouble on the outward lap other than keeping a good speed and avoiding the large and small cruisers that were about early. The trouble began as we approached the last corner before Boater's Hill Quay where we had a slight problem with the transmitter and thankfully we overcame that and sorted it out.


We arrived at Boater's Hill Quay where we made a 2 minute stop as we thought we had another problem and as I stepped off my cruiser I had the MOST UNFOTUNATE thing happen and that was DOG'S POO and good old Graham found the wrong place to come ashore and the two Daves said, "You are not coming aboard my cruiser with that nasty smelly substance on your foot." After a great deal of scraping I managed to remove it.







The Last Part of a Crazy lap

















I had just started at the helm of my cruiser on the very last part of the attempt when the model just stopped right in the MIDDLE of the last big bend, what the problem was who knows?????
What made it WORSE was the presence of a large cruiser coming up to Beccles and another large cruiser squeezing through on the starboard side, all while my cruiser was stopped. I was holding onto the model and nearly upside down over the cruiser side with Dave Leatherland hanging on to my legs for dear life and Dave Tedstone was trying to steady the model in his rib which we had towed with us all the time.


Just before we had started back on the last lap we had phoned back to HQ for another set of main batteries, water pump and grease.
But we were informed that it would take too much time to get them there. So we thought that was that but as we floated down the middle of the river with the cruisers trying to get through we had a great surprise as a planning cruiser thrashed around the corner and nearly mowed us all down. They had the batteries on board and just managed to pull up in time to our GREATEST relief. We were very pleased to see them.

They had come up to Waveney River Centre to see the model as the chap was an ex sailor of the "real" Norfolk crew. He was very impressed by our efforts and would have even helped further if required. We all thanked them very much indeed.
With the greatest difficulty we changed the all batteries, pumped out the water and then greased the propellor tube bearings all in the space of 10 minutes. That must be a record. That's where I hurt my back!! Dave Leatherland hauled me in and Dave Tedstone hitched the rib on the stern and climbed in much relieved, he then resumed his position at the bow of the cruiser and we shot off at max speed as we had to get to over 100 miles within 24 hours.



Just before North Cove we passed 101 miles and we had achieved an Independent World Record, so we phoned in to inform HQ that we had made it.
We arrived back to tremendous cheering and applause from the waiting crowd, the model drivers and the shore crew had no sleep for 36 hours so we were all very tired but most of all very pleased indeed.

Here are a few photos of the main players

Dave Tedstone looks nackered and a very tired Dawn our Tea, Coffee and Biscuit Lady did'nt she do well!!!Dave Tedstone looks nackered and a very tired Dawn our Tea, Coffee and Biscuit Lady did'nt she do well!!!