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Our  Models

Virgin Atlantic Challenger I

Everyone was disappointed when the news broke that Virgin Atlantic Challenger I had hit an underwater obstruction and sunk, just a few miles short of the record. [Read more...]


Virgin Atlantic Challenger II

Inspired by Mr Richard Branson crossing the Atlantic in record time, we thought it would be nice to have a model of the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II. [Read More...]


H.M.S. Norfolk.

F230 Duke

Class Frigate.

A world record holder.

[Read More...]



Motor Torpedo Boat  [Read More...]


The Real H.M.S. Norfolk. Our model of HMS NorfolkOur model of HMS Norfolk

F230 Duke Class Frigate.

Type 22 Batch 3

Our visit to see it at the re-dedication service.

Friday 4th October 1996 - Devonport Naval Base.

Read the entry for HMS Norfolk at Wikipedia.



I always wanted to build a model warship.

But I faced a problem. I did not want to build a pond model (sorry lads) because it would have to be so very thin and we could not place working missiles on it.The real HMS Norfolk. 
Image from Maritimequest.comThe real HMS Norfolk. Image from

After thrashing through many plans and books I came upon the HMS York and HMS Norfolk, so I decided to buy plans for both. After looking at both of them Peter and I decided to build HMS Norfolk as both of us lived in Norwich, the county town of Norfolk.

We expected to use it in conjunction with my Alaska 500 fishing boat that I had on the Broads. I really wanted photos of the ship, so I wrote to the Admiralty. Eventually I received a letter inviting Peter and myself to the re-dedication Service of the ship, as it had been undergoing some updating.

This was the day before my 50th birthday, but I could not pass up such a great opportunity.


HMS Norfolk F-230 departing Devonport Dockyard and about to exit the Hamoaze and enter Plymouth Sound, Mount Edgcombe Park is seen in the background. 
Image from Maritimequest.comHMS Norfolk F-230 departing Devonport Dockyard and about to exit the Hamoaze and enter Plymouth Sound, Mount Edgcombe Park is seen in the background. Image from Maritimequest.comSo we travelled down and stayed overnight in my car. There had been a mix up and we were not informed that we could have been put up on the Devonport Naval Base.

So we stayed in the car in one of the outer car parks, but this did not matter. We awoke with a few aches and with VERY stiff limbs! It was VERY cold as well.

We soon warmed up after a brisk walk around the car park. I walked over to the gate house and asked the officer if we could change into our suits in the rear of his office and he said that we could.

When both of us were ready we joined the other visitors awaiting the buses that would take us on to the base. The Sheriff of Norwich was to be at the ceremony.


When we arrived we found the ship and stands where we were to be seated to watch the parade and Re=dedication service.

The marching started with the good old English weather at its best (I don't think, as it was LASHING it down as usual).

They all must have been frozen and wet through. They all did very well and when the ceremony was finished we all went into the large marquees to have some SUPER food that was prepared for us by the ship's catering staff and didn't they do well!

Devonport Naval Base Re-dedication Service