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Our  Models

Virgin Atlantic Challenger I

Everyone was disappointed when the news broke that Virgin Atlantic Challenger I had hit an underwater obstruction and sunk, just a few miles short of the record. [Read more...]


Virgin Atlantic Challenger II

Inspired by Mr Richard Branson crossing the Atlantic in record time, we thought it would be nice to have a model of the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II. [Read More...]


H.M.S. Norfolk.

F230 Duke

Class Frigate.

A world record holder.

[Read More...]



Motor Torpedo Boat  [Read More...]


Final Hull Skinning


Peter had suggested that we should NOT have smooth hull skins like many of the models that you see around the exhibitions, show and clubs, as he said that this was NOT NATURAL AT ALL.


Shafts and Skegs.


I had arranged to buy my propeller shafts and P-brackets from The Prop Shop and was made especially for me by Simon. Peter and I took the aft end of the model to him so he could measure and make a rough model of the P-brackets, as he was to make them out of brass and they had to have the correct angle to fit the prop shafts.