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Our  Models

Virgin Atlantic Challenger I

Everyone was disappointed when the news broke that Virgin Atlantic Challenger I had hit an underwater obstruction and sunk, just a few miles short of the record. [Read more...]


Virgin Atlantic Challenger II

Inspired by Mr Richard Branson crossing the Atlantic in record time, we thought it would be nice to have a model of the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II. [Read More...]


H.M.S. Norfolk.

F230 Duke

Class Frigate.

A world record holder.

[Read More...]



Motor Torpedo Boat  [Read More...]


The Virgin Altantic Challenger II

The Virgin Atlantic Challenge Trophy is an award for the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing by a surface vessel.

In 1986, after the failure of the Virgin Atlantic Challenger 1, with a new boat, the 72ft monohull Virgin Atlantic Challenger II, Richard Branson completed the crossing in three days, eight hours and 31 minutes, averaging just under 36 knots; he thus shaved two hours and nine minutes off the time set by United States in 1952.